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When the Wavestation was released in 1990, personal computing was a different and more diverse world. This page lists all of the Wavestation editor and/or librarian software of which I'm aware, including many listings for older operating systems and programs which are no longer available - all the way up to Edisyn, which added Wavestation support in 2018. If you know of any other relevant applications, drop me a line.


Mac OS X


Sound Quest MIDIQuest


Emagic SoundDiver

Opcode Galaxy & Galaxy Plus

MOTU Unisyn

Sound Quest MIDIQuest

WS Cat



Emagic SoundDiver

Sound Quest MIDIQuest


MOTU Unisyn

WS Edit



WS-Convert EX





Sound Quest MIDIQuest

Geerdes MIDIsystems

Steinberg Synthworks Wavestation


Sound Quest MIDIQuest

Emagic SoundDiver (MacOS and Windows)

Emagic's universal editor/librarian, SoundDiver, includes Wavestation support. For more information, see Emagic's website.

MOTU Unisyn (MacOS and Windows)

Mark of the Unicorn's universal editor/librarian, Unisyn, includes Wavestation support. For more information, see MOTU's website.

WS Sound Editor 32 (WSEDITOR)

Sound Tower's WSEDITOR, by Mark Lanoszka, supports all models of the Wavestation, and runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

Long ago, Steve Smith said: "I highly endorse it. It's pretty slick. SR users should love it!"

You can download a demo version, and purchase a registration key for the full version, from the Sound Tower website.

Sound Quest MIDIQuest (MacOS, Windows, Atari, and Amiga)

Sound Quest's universal editor/librarian, MIDIQuest, includes Wavestation support. For more information, see Sound Quest's website.

WS Cat (MacOS)

This shareware application can read and write Wavestation sysex dumps in several file formats, and with MidiShare (from GRAME) it can exchange banks via Midi. Banks and individual sounds can be moved to new locations, keeping all references to other sound elements correct.

In the past, WS CAT was available at the Wavestation Resource Center. During that site's downtime, I mirrored the file here.

Libra (DOS and Linux)

Teemu Lähteenmäki's Wavestation librarian is written for DOS and Linux (the latter is officially still a beta version). The DOS version can also run under Windows and OS/2. More information is available at Teemu Lähteenmäki's website.

WSEdit (Windows)

WSEdit is an editor/librarian for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, compatible with all Wavestation models.

A demo, with some features disabled, is available at Harmony Central. As of my latest information, the full version is priced at $35.

Opcode Galaxy and Galaxy Plus Editors (MacOS)

Opcode's universal librarian (Galaxy) and editor/librarian (Galaxy Plus Editors) both included Wavestation support. Opcode has since passed on, unfortunately, so they aren't likely to be updated for modern operating systems.


WS-CONVERT-EX was a Korg Wavestation A/D system exclusive bank conversion and analysis program utility, by Bruno Negri. It used to be available for download from Software Music Machines, but it now appears to be gone missing.

The program read several different file types, including SYX (RAW - Cakewalk), SX (Master Track Pro for Windows), MRB (MRB 500 -Bulk Librarian - Roland MC Series), and X-oR (Sound Creation Station).

Steinberg Synthworks Wavestation (Atari)

Several years ago, Steinberg had a Wavestation editor/librarian called Synthworks Wavestation. Many people posted positive comments about the program to the Wavestation mailing list, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned on Steinberg's website. If you are interested in this product, you might ask Steinberg about availability (and if you find anything out, let me know!).

Geerdes MIDIsystems (editor/librarian, title unknown) (Atari)

Several years ago, Geerdes had a Wavestation editor/librarian; they still have a website, but it currently seems to focus on MIDI files. If you're interested, you might ask them about availability (and if you find anything out, let me know!).

Edisyn (Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux)

New Wavestation support for 2018! Edisyn now includes Wavestation support.

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