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Contact Information and Credits

This site is designed and maintained by Dan Phillips. Check out the rest of his website via the toolbar at the top of the page.


For comments on these pages, broken links, or to post wavestation-related for sale/trade or wanted ads, please send mail to Dan.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot answer Korg-related questions sent to this address. Instead, please contact your national Korg distributor.

Technical Support

For technical support for the Wavestation and other Korg products, see the Technical Support page.

This site is not affiliated with Korg in any manner.

Steve Smith: Webmaster Emeritus

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Steve Smith created the first version of this site. He retired from his webmastering responsibilities in order to finish his dissertation in Acoustics at Penn State, after which he was planning to start work at microphone manufacturer Shure Brothers. I haven't heard from him for a while; the last contact info I have for him is Steve-Smith@psu.edu.