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System Exclusive Patch Files

Each of these zip files contains one or more banks of SysEx program data, along with a brief, descriptive text file.

Steve Smith commented, "I have tried all of them, and find them all to be worth downloading."

Compatibility between Wavestation models

As long as the SysEx data is entirely contained within a single RAM bank, Performances, Patches, and Wave Sequences for the Wavestation EX, A/D, and SR are completely compatible via SysEx.

The original keyboard is also forwards and backwards compatible with the other models, except that it does not have the last eight effects (vocoders etc.) and does not have the expanded PCM. Sounds which use these newer features will still play as best they can on the original keyboard.

If the SysEx data is not self-contained in a single bank, things can become more complicated. This is because the different models have different numbers of RAM and ROM banks. For instance, all models except for the SR have only one ROM bank (equivalent to SR ROM bank 11); both keyboard models have only two RAM banks, while the A/D and the SR have three. (See the Wavestation Compare-O-Matic for more information on differences between the various models.)

So, if Performances refer to Patches and Wave Sequences in other banks, they will play fine on the model on which they were created, but may not be transferable to other models.

As far as I know, the sysex banks on this page are self-contained, and should play on all models. I have not tested them extensively, however.

MIDI Channel must be set correctly

The Wavestation's MIDI Basic Channel must be set to match the MIDI channel embedded in the SysEx file. Most of these files are set to channel 1, but some are set to 8 or 16; read each bank's text file to make sure.


If you would like to submit a SysEx file, please send me mail.

Programs for transmitting SYX files to the Wavestation

To use these files with a Wavestation, you'll need a program which can transmit SYX files. Such programs are available for many computing platforms. If you need one, check out the links on the SYX File Programs page.

SysEx Files

Comments are by Steve Smith.

Soundtracks Sysex: pa_04.zip See the readme file...

Soundtracks Sysex: bens_ws9.zip Various perfoemances from Ben Hall.

Soundtracks Sysex: bensws10.zip Various perfoemances from Ben Hall.

Soundtracks Sysex: bensws11.zip Various perfoemances from Ben Hall.

Soundtracks Sysex: radwar.zip See the readme file...

Most of the SYSEX here is a mirror of the sysex on Ben Hall's Wavestation Patch Archive (which for the moment appears to be out of commission).

Librasyx Sysex: librasyx.zip This sysex contains 27 seperate sysex files. Many of the low numbers (i.e. 1-10 approximately) contain many of the sounds from the factory sysex which are standard RAM1 and RAM2 bank sounds. However, the upper numbers contain many performances, including some slick percussion. A must have.

Techno Sysex: pa_01.zip Interesting techno drums, bass, etc..

Atmospheres Sysex: pa_02.zip Involved "acoustical spaces" performances with a lot of wave sequences.

Ben Hall's WS3 Sysex: bens_ws3.zip Various performances from Ben Hall.

Ben Hall's WS4 Sysex: bens_ws4.zip Various performances from Ben Hall.

Ben Hall's WS5 Sysex: bens_ws5.zipVarious performances from Ben Hall.

Benn Hall's WS6 Sysex: bens_ws6.zip Various performances from Ben Hall.

Benn Hall's WS7 Sysex: bens_ws7.zip Various performances from Ben Hall.

Rick Gutleber's WS Performance Data, version 0.9: rikz_09.zip A lot of basic instrumentation and electric guitar leads that I find tend to cause my WS to reset. Good stuff though. Includes a crash symbol.

Paul Nagles's Sysex: paul_ws.zip Good environment/techno/soundtrack type sounds. Diverse. Check out "Posiden's Pad."

Owain F Pedgley's Demo Bank of Wavestation Performances: rpps1.zip Pretty good stuff. I especially like performance 5 : "Weather."

Rick Scott's Sysex: pegs-ws1.zip All the sounds you would ever need for a horror movie. I LOVE this sysex!

Kid Nepro Productions Sysex: kidnepro.zip Some interesting DEMO sounds from Kid Nepro Productions - a "sound manufacturer."

John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl's Sysex: skip01_s.zip Smooth electric piano sounds with a touch of strings and others.

WS-NEW02 Sysex: ws-new02.zip

Korg Factory Sounds

All sounds in these banks are copyright Korg Inc.

Factory Sysex: factory.zip KORG factory presets of RAM1, RAM2 banks, etc. Reset your WS. Note that these banks are identical for all Wavestation models, including the original keyboard, the Wavestation EX, the A/D, and the SR.

Wavestation A/D RAM3 Bank: wsadram3.zip See the readme file...

Wavestation EX ROM Card Bank: factory3.zip See the readme file...

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If you live in the United States, you can send email to Korg USA's product support department.