Music Services

I'm fortunate to be the Product Manager at Korg R&D. I like to stay active in music, and so occasionally I take on additional projects. I can be reached via email at


Some of my areas of speciality include synthesis and sound design, synchronization, DAW studio configuration, and MOTU's Digital Performer. Clients have included Peter Gabriel, Santana, Grammy-award winning composer John Adams, and Emily Bezar. My work for Emily's album "Four Walls Bending" was mentioned in an article in Electronic Musician magazine.

Composition & Songwriting

I wrote and produced the theme song for Marvel's Spider-Woman motion comic, featuring Anna Abbey on vocals and Parry Gripp on guitars. Marvel produced a video for the song, which premiered on Attack Of The Show. It's also available through iTunes; click here to go to the song's page on the iTunes store.

I've done a fair amount of composition for television, often with my music partner David Leon. We've composed and produced source music, underscore, and bumpers for shows including Fox's Spiderman, As the World Turns, and Valley of the Dolls, produced source music for the Killer Tracks library, and produced a soundtrack album for the television show Santa Barbara.

Production, Mixing & Remixing

I also produce, mix, and remix. Recent projects have included piano, backing vocals, percussion, engineering, mixing, and mastering (how's that for wearing many hats?) on Natalie D-Napoleon's recent album and covers EP, and remixes for Parry Gripp and Glen Phillips.

Other projects have included mixing and CD mastering for various David Leon productions released on CMH Records, mixing an eclectic chill-hop single for Sound Boy Killing (featuring Adam and Eric from Jalopy), producing and mixing an EP for the San Francisco band August, and editing and pre-mastering work on CDs by Jalopy and Habit Forming.


I maintain a small personal project studio, the Construction Zone. A brief description of the studio, along with the obligatory lists of equipment, is available here.