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Wavestation-related Links

I try to maintain these links as best I can. If you find an invalid link, please send me mail.

Soundware & Accessories

Companies offering Wavestation ROM cards and Wavestation-compatible hardware.

Information Sites

Sites with product descriptions, FAQs, reviews, more links, etc.

SysEx Archives

Check out these sites with shareware or freeware sounds.

The Wavestation in the Studio

Studio websites featuring Wavestation information and comments.

Soundware and Accessories

Pro-Rec advertises 9 Wavestation program ROMs and disks.

Cameo. Cameo doesn't advertise Wavestation sound cards on their website, but last time I checked, they had some of InVision 's Wavestation SR PCM cards in stock.

Masterbits. Masterbits advertises 5 Wavestation program data ROM cards.

Voice Crystal. Voice Crystal advertises 4 program cards for the original Wavestation, and an additional card for the EX, A/D, and SR (presumably using the expanded PCM).

Zadok. Zadok make the SAM-1 sample expander, which supports the Wavestation keyboard and A/D, M1, M1r, M3r, and T-series synths. The SAM-1 is apparently still available; the Zadok site lists an email address to contact for more information.

Kenton. Kenton make the Control Freak and Control Freak Studio Edition MIDI fader boxes. Sean Clarkson writes that the Control Freak "includes support for the wavestation sysex format - I know, I lent them my wavestation to do it."

SysEx Archives

Korg Wavestation Trading Post. Many sounds to be had!

Teemu Lahteenmaki works online has the Libra patch librarian for Wavestations w/over 600 performances.

Paul Carter's original Wavestation sounds. Two banks, cool stuff!

Twilek of Ram Jam's Wavestation: The Dream Machine. About twenty banks of SysEx, including many of Ben Hall's banks.

Mattias Karlsson is The Bank God, with 90 or so banks of Wavestation sounds online.

The Wavestation in the Studio

Steve Grace's The Soapbox

NoVoices Studio

Generator Machines

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If you have questions about the Wavestation or any other Korg products, please direct them to your national distributor's technical support department. Contact information for all Korg distributors, world-wide, is available at http://www.korg.co.jp/company/distributors.html.

If you live in the United States, you can send email to Korg USA's product support department.

Information Sites

Wavestation Resource Center. Has a good FAQ file, and links to the Wavestation Mailing List. The site has moved around a bit, and is now back online.

Wavestation Mailing List. Yes, the list now lives again! To subscribe to the list, send email to wavestation-subscribe@topica.com.To unsubscribe, send email to wavestation-mosaic-unsubscribe@topica.com. For more information, see the list website.

Hyperreal's Wavestation info

Hyperreal's info on the Zadok SAM-1 PCM card-slot RAM adaptor

Harmony Central's Wavestation info. Harmony Central has separate articles for each Wavestation model (including some kind things to say about the manuals, which always makes me happy!).

Nick Rothwell's equipment page. Nick has a bunch of very good Wavestation photos and info.

Stan Stewart's Wavestation Information page. Stan has some good info on PCM card compatibility between the Wavestation line and other Korg synths.

Open Directory Project Wavestation Links

Terry Britton's Wavestation Page. Don't miss the Wavestation Tips of the Day archive.

Gear Fetish. Wavestation reviews from the trenches!

Ben Hall's Wavestation Links. The legendary creator of freely distributed Wavestation sound banks re-surfaces!

The Vintage Synth Explorer site offers basic info and photos for the Wavestation, Wavestation A/D, and Wavestation SR.

Wavestation Central

Paul Carter

Chris Meyer on the origins of the Prophet VS. The VS was the conceptual ancestor of the Wavestation.

Steve Smith's Audio/Acoustical/DSP/Music Synthesis/Bands Page