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I sing, play keyboards and percussion, mix, remix, and produce.

In connection with my work at Korg, I've been interviewed in several magazines, including Sound On Sound and Computer Music.

Occasionally, I also do consulting for other artists, and compose music for television and other media. For more details, see the Music Services section.

For many years I was a frequent contributor to the magazine Electronic Musician, and have also written for Keyboard. If you're interested in reading some of my articles, hop on over to the appropriately-named Articles section.

I maintain a modest personal project studio; see here for more info.

You can send music-related email to me here.

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Download Songs

Here are some songs from my singer-songwriter electronica project, in the general vein of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Click on the links below for mp3 downloads and lyrics!

Dry and Bumpy Ride

Scattering of You

House of Rain

When I Wake Up