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Line 6 Pod Pro consoles

These consoles provide editing for all Pod Pro parameters, including all effects, from within Digital Performer. There are two versions; one for DP version 2.7, and one for version 3.x. Please note that these do not currently work properly under DP 4 and OSX.

Download Pod Pro consoles for Digital Performer 2.7

Download Pod Pro consoles for Digital Performer 3.x

tc electronics Fireworx FreeMIDI patch list

The Fireworx is a monster effects processor, with massive programmability. It also has tons of presets - 400 to be exact. This patch list adds the ability to select each patch by name from within DP. To use the patch list, you'll also need to copy and paste the included "device info" entry into the FreeMIDI device list.

Download Fireworx patch list and device info for FreeMIDI

Please note - this is a FreeMIDI patch list, for use with DP 3.x and earlier only. For DP 4 and OSX, see the categorized "midnam" version instead.



Hypercard Delay Calculator

Some time ago, I created a handy little Hypercard stack (for MacOS) for calculating multitap delays, which can be downloaded below. There are several other good delay calculators, but as far as I know this is the only one that displays all times, in fractions of a millisecond, for four beats of 16th notes and 16th note triplets. Handy for use with multitap delays, especially on gear made before tempo sync became ubiquitous.

Make sure to click on the "About" button for instructions and tips!

Download Hypercard Delay Calculator (MacOS, 12k)

If you don't have Hypercard, you'll need to download and install the free Hypercard Player software from Apple's site. It's a Classic application, of course, but it seems to work just fine under OSX. Note that you need to install at least the application and the "Home" document.

Download Hypercard Player (link to Apple's site)