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Keyboards & Guitars

Pride of place goes to the keyboards that I've helped to develop: the KRONOS, OASYS, OASYS PCI, and the Wavestation line.


Korg KRONOS2-61
Korg KRONOS 73
Yamaha DU1A Disklavier MIDI-controlled acoustic piano

Synth and sampler modules

Korg OASYS PCI, Wavestation A/D, and Wavestation SR
Emu e6400 Ultra
Moog Slim Phatty
Oberheim Matrix-6r
Roland MKS-70
numerous sample libraries (details below)


Yamaha KX88
Korg KONTROL49 and microKONTROL
DrumKat 3.5 (with HatKat, DW5000 and KAT mini Kick)


Fender 2002 American Series Hard-tail Stratocaster (DiMarzio Area 58/67 and PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge pickups, custom "Stratopaulotelecaster" wiring)
Music Man Reflex HH tremolo
GFI SD10 pedal steel (6 pedals + 6 knees, custom copedant)
Fouke Industrial Guitars Indy Rail lap steel
Music Man StingRay HH bass
Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass with DiMarzio Area J Bridge
Rogue brass-body resonator

Other instruments

Hohner HM-36 Professional Melodica
Heartsong Studio Marimba

Virtual instruments

Korg Legacy and Legacy Digital Edition
Native Instruments Komplete
Propellerhead Reason
Sonic Charge Microtonic
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Synthogy Ivory 2 Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos
Waldorf Edition (PPG 2.3, Attack, D-Pole)
XILS Labs XILS 3 and PolyKB
XLN Addictive Drums

OASYS PCI plug-ins

Harm Visser
Zarg Music
Orwell Digital
Brandon Daniel
And my own, of course!

Sample Libraries


Abbey Road 70's Drums
Alicia's Keys
Balinese Gamelan
Scarbee Jay-Bass and Pre-Bass
Steven Slate Drums

Best Service: Ethno World, Dance Mega Drum-Kits
Bolder Sounds: Vol. II Granular, Vol. 3 Bolder Pianos
Ilio: Skippy's Big Bad Loops, The Memphis Horns
Q-up Arts: Jason Miles Psychic Horns
Sampleheads: Dave Samuels Marimba &
Sonic Reality: Interactive Drum Kits
SoundEngine: Post Prepared Piano
Sounds Good: Drum Tools
Spectrasonics: Liquid Grooves Groove Control, Retro Funk, Metamorphosis
Universal Sound Bank: Raricussions, Mediterranean Instruments
Voice Crystal: Legacy (The Definitive Analog Sampler Vol. 1)
Wizoo: Platinum 24 Electronic Drums, Platinum 24 Latin Percussion
Yellow Tools: Pure Drums, Pure Guitar

Big Fish Audio: Ross Garfield The Drum Doctor Does Drums
Bob Clearmountain Drums II
Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library
Ilio: Trancefusion
Masterbits: Climax 7 Bass
Prosonus Strings Vol. 1
Q-up Arts: Kit Watkins Ambient Realms
Spectrasonics: Burning Grooves, Liquid Grooves, Distorted Reality, Bass Legends, Supreme Beats

Stylus RMX
Backbeat, Burning Grooves, Ethno Techno, Skippy's Noizbox, Stark Raving Beats, New Orleans

Big Fish Audio: Pod (WAV/Acid)
Masterbits: Raver's Revenge (WAV)
Rarefaction: Etymology (AIFF)
Sounds Good: G-Soul, Laidback, Popped Vol.1 (Audio, WAV, AIFF)
Zero-G: dh v2.0 (Audio/WAV)

Korg: EXs3 Brass & Woodwinds
KARO: Philharmonic Strings, Granular Atmospheres, Movie Collection

Dan Dean Bass Collection Volume #2
Emu: Producer Series Vol. 2, Hollywood Sound Effects (Producer Series Vol. 3), Analogia (Producer Series Vol. 6), Old World Instruments (Producer Series Vol. 7), Platinum Phatt (Producer Series Vol. 8), Formula 4000 Techno Trance, Formula 4000 Earth Tones, Formula 4000 Analog Odyssey, Formula 4000 Hip-Hop Nation, Dance 2000, Definitive Series Millenium Synths, Emulator Sound Library 1-9
Q-up Arts: Holy Grail Piano
Rob Papen Techno Synth Construction Yard
Sampleheads: Dave Samuels Marimba & Vibes
Sonic Reality: American Heartland, Interactive Drum Kits, and Vintage Timetraveler

LemonSky Labs: The Rhythm Guitar Project
Sampleheads: Pocket Syndrome Vol.1

AMG: Tony Mason…Steamin', Keith LeBlanc Fresh Killed Meat
Big Fish Audio: Digeridoo, Rich Mendelson's Freaky Jazzy Funky, Roots of India, Helter Skelter, xperts of techno, Ross Garfield The Drum Doctor Does Drums , Ross Garfield The Drum Doctor's Drums 2,
Bolder Sounds: Vol. II Granular
BT Twisted Textures
e-Lab: Xstatic Goldmine 4
Greytsounds: Marco's Loop D' Loops/John Wilmer's Live Loops
PowerFX: The Drummers of Motown
Q-up Arts: Voices of Native America
Rarefaction: A poke in the ear with a sharp stick
Sampleheads: New York City Percussionworks, Pocket Syndrome Vol.1
Zero-G: Deepest India