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Percussion instruments from around the world, both traditional and modern.


Tama Starclassic Performer Birch (normal setup 10x12 and 12x15 toms with 18x22 kick, plus extra 8x10, 11x13, and 13x16 toms)
Yamaha Rick Marotta HipGig kit with extra 12" tom


Wood Stave/Block/Segment
Custom Padauk Stave 6.5x14 (DaVille shell)
Custom Maple and Padauk Segment 6.5x14
Joshua Tree Percussion Ash Stave 6.5x14
Tama Caskwood 4x14

Wood Ply
Dark Horse custom maple 7x12
Yamaha Anton Fig 6x14 (maple, wood hoops)
Yamaha Rick Marotta HipGig 5x12 (birch/mahogany)

Dunnett Classic Titanium 6.5x14
Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5x14
Ludwig Hammered Bronze Supraphonic 6.5x14
and 3.5x13 (piccolo)
Ludwig Hammered Chrome Supraphonic 5x14
Ludwig Acrolite 5x14
Pearl Cast Aluminum Hybrid Exotic 5x14

Zildjian Armand/K cymbal setup

Hi-hats: 14" Armand
Rides: 19" Armand "Beautiful Baby and 20" K Custom Dark
Crashes: 16" K Custom Session and 18" K Dark Thin
Splash: Diril 12"

Alternative options
Hi-hats: Zildjian 13" Armand (bright) and 12" Remix (dark); Istanbul Mehmet 14" Legend (bright); Diril 15" D; Dream 14" Bliss (mellow)
Rides: 20" K Custom Dry, Sabian 22" Artisan Vault, Diril 20" flat ride
Crashes: Zildjian 16" K Dark Thin, Diril 17" D thin, Sabian 15" HH Sound Control

Paiste Giant Beat cymbal setup

Hi-hats: 15" Giant Beat
Ride: 24" Giant Beat
Crash/Rides: 20" Giant Beat Multi, 18" Giant Beat Multi
Crash: 18"Giant Beat Thin
Splash: Diril 12"

Alternative options
Hi-hats: Paiste 14" Dark Crisp (dark)

Hybrid mellow cymbal setup

Hi-hats: Dream 14" Bliss (mellow) Rides: Sabian 22" Artisan Vault and Zildjian 19" Armand "Beautiful Baby
Crashes: Sabian 15" HH Sound Control and Diril 17" D thin
Splash: Diril 12"

Alternative options
Hi-hats: Diril 15" D
Rides: Diril 20" flat ride


DW 5000 Accelerator kick pedal, 5500D hi-hat stand, and 9700 boom stand
Factory Metal MultiStackers (3)
Gibraltar Cymbal L-Arms (3)
Meinl Professional Djembe and Bongo stands (sturdy!)
Pearl 501C Icon curved rack, S-1000, S-2000 (2), CH-2000 (2), CH-2000S (2), and BC-2000
Yamaha HS740 hat stand

Electronic Percussion

DrumKat 3.5 (with HatKat, DW5000 and KAT mini Kick)
Korg Wavedrum WD-X

Latin drums

Fat Congas string cajon
Gope cuica
JCR solid-shell bongos
LP Classic conga & tumba, Aspire conga & quinto
Meinl Luis Conte Brass Timbales
Pearl Travel Conga and 13" and 14" steel timbales
Tycoon TK-35 cajon

African drums

Meinl Fiberglass Tri Sound Ibo
Remo Paulo Mattioli inline-tuning 13" djembe, 14" key-tuned djembe
handmade ceramic udu

Middle-Eastern drums

Daveed 9.5" ceramic doumbek
GEF doumbek
Remo prototype 10" soloist external-tuning doumbeks (x2) (yes, they sound different from one another!)
handmade small moroccan fish-skin ceramic doumbek

Other drums

Remo 18" Roto-Tom timpani and 6/8/10" set
handmade naal and damroo talking drum

Metal effects

Factory Metal original Cross Crasherz (6, 8, and 10"), Street FX Cross Crasherz (6, 8, 10, and 12"), Street FX Hi-Hat Jingler, and original Celtic Bells (8 and 10")
Mid-East Flexi-Tone
Rhythm Tech Engelhart 11" and 15" Ribbon Crashers and Reco-Reco
Sabian 10" Crasher

Sticks etc.

Pro-Mark Broomsticks, Vic Firth Birch Tala Wands, and a wide variety of mallets, brushes, and unusual sticks


Grover Pro T2/GS German Silver and T2/GSPh Silver/Bronze Combo 10" double-row tambourines
LP dimpled brass Cyclops tambourine and Stanton Moore Pandeiro
Meinl Super Dry ABS and Brass Jingles tambourines, 10" wood pandeiro, and brass Jingle Sticks
Pearl Liso Shaker, 10" pandeiro, and 8" Tombourine
Rhythm Tech steel and brass Pro tambourines and Engelhart Jingle Shakes
RMV pandeiro snare
handmade middle-eastern tambourines and 6" Caribbean church tambourine


Alan Abel 6" Symphonic Triangle
Black Swamp Artisan 6" triangle, variety of Spectrum and Select triangle beaters
Grover 6" & 9" Super Overtone Triangles
Meinl Liquid Triangle
Per Del tapered triangles, sets of thick and thin
Rhythm Tech Trigger Triangle
Sabian 4", 5" and 6" hand-hammered triangles, 6" bronze triangle
Stoessel Richard Weiner tubular triangle beaters (set of 4, light to heavy)
TreeWorks 4", 5" and 6" Studio triangles, 6", 9", and 12" bi-angles

Traditional shakers

Gon Bops metal shaker, small fiber maracas, and Poquito Rawhide Maracas
LP Salsa maracas, Soft Shakes, large and extra-large caxixi, large ganza, rhythmix conga shakers, and large and mini Afuche/Cabasas
Meinl Luis Conte shakers (live and studio), Skin Shaker, and SH2VSB Premium Fiberglass Shekere
Pearl PFM20 Fiber Maracas
Remo small and medium Fiberskyn Tube Shakers
Rhythm Tech CANZ (Hot Salsa Red) and fiber maracas
Shakka Shakerz ADL-4 shaker
Toca African Shakers and Rattan Yellow Bell Shaker
Tycoon 5" aluminum shaker, bata shaker and large & small rawhide maracas
handmade 8reed and basket shakers
handmade gourd maracas and triple-seed shakers various wooden and plastic egg shakers
large and small rain sticks

Modern shakers

Gon Bops silver and black mic shakers
LP Cyclops shakers (small and large), One-Shot shakers (small, large, and studio), Finger Shots, Wah shaker, Vari-Tone shaker, and Go-Jo Bags
Meinl Spin Spark Shakers, Headed Spark Shakers, UFO Shakers, Mini Jingle Shaker, and Wah-Wah shaker
Pearl Tang-Tang shakers, Shakerine, Ganziero, Mini-Shakerine, Mini-Ganziero, and large hex ganzas


Meinl Kessings
LP Vibra-Slap II deluxe
pairs of handmade abalone shell and sea-snail shell rattles
various handmade wooden and metal sistrums
pairs of handmade Pangium (Pangi) seed, Togo seed, and Peruvian Cachos seed rattles
gourd shekere w/ wood beads
various handmade adodo bells


LP Large Torpedo and Multi-Guiro 2
fish-style wooden guiro, South American gourd guiro, three-sided wood guiro


Cuban hardwood salsa clave
Gon Bops African clave and Traditional White Wood claves
LP African clave
Pearl bamboo claves
Rosewood claves
Tycoon 10" Makah claves and 10" Hardwood claves

Wooden instruments

LP Monk Bell
Pearl Cata (aka guagua or kata), set of high, medium, and low Elite woodblocks, and low clave block
Remo Sound Shapes Click Clack
Toca gecko clacker (kokoriko) and castanet machine
Vietnamese chun mo (triple temple blocks), devil chaser, wooden and metal spoons, totumo fruit gourd spoons, pocket kokiriko, bamboo angklung, kpoko-kpoko

Cowbells and agogo bells

Fredrico Percussion Cowbell
Gon Bops Alex Acuna Bombo and Cha Cha bells
JCR Cha-cha, Charanga, Timbale, Half Moon Timbale, Low and High bells
LP 5-bell Dry Agogo Set, Mambo, Deluxe Black Beauty, Salsa Timbale, Downtown Timbale, and Low Cha Cha cowbells
Rhythm Tech Engelhart Square Bell
Pearl Tri-agogo, Tri-bells, Hi and Low Agogo-Pop, and Primero 6"

Bells and chimes

LP 25-bell sleighbells and Lu Bar Chimes
TreeWorks Tre44 Studio Chimes and Chime Damper
Majic Wands
Meinl SLB25 Handbells
Sabian Light Finger Cymbals
Zildjian Metal Castanets
Peruvian ankle jingle bells, Indian bell bracelets and belt
small and large Tibetan singing bowls