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When I Wake Up

When I Wake Up.mp3 1.8MB
Copyright 1998 Dan Phillips, all rights reserved

Growing up is a very strange thing, and patience comes too slowly for this impatient man...

Featuring Adam Silverman on guitar, and Benny Rietveld on bass. This mp3 clip is edited for faster download, and fades out after the first chorus.

When I Wake Up - Lyrics

©1998 Dan Phillips

It's just a quiet buzz
Ringing in my ear
Distant, through the haze
I can hardly even hear

But the sun's rising higher
And the hour's getting later
And the bell's growing louder
And it's not about to stop

And the day's almost over-
I could swear it just was morning
Every time I drift away, I'm dreaming of...

When I wake up
Clear my mind
Lift my eyes
And leave this place behind

When I wake up
Take my hand
And lead me out beyond these dreams of sand
Still trying to make sense of this waking land

Sometimes there's a space
Between dreams and day
Lying, without motion
Open eyes but not awake

And in that moment
Like in Gulliver's Travels
I'm bound to the ground by
A thousand tiny threads

Try to lift my arm
But it doesn't move, and nothing works,
And I finally just lie back, relax, and wait, wait for

When I wake up....

Let me rise up from this bed
Let me go right through that door
Let me get out of this house
Let me step into the world

Breathe the air (Please, please, let me not be dreaming)
See the green (Please, please, let me not be dreaming)
Climb a tree (Please, please, let me not be dreaming)
And listen for the falling leaves (Please, please, let me not be dreaming...)

When I wake up...