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Previous site updates

9/29/09: Marvel releases video for my Spider-Woman theme song
8/19/09: Major reorg to Music Tools. New pages for Recording Gear, Keyboards & Guitars, and Percussion.
7/17/09: Updates to Music Services. Natalie D-Napoleon's album and covers EP now available!
7/11/09: Still more updates to studio equipment.
3/30/09: Drum photos, and more updates to studio equipment.
1/5/09: Corrected link to the Spirit Of Shackleton remix.
12/17/08: Updates to studio equipment.
9/12/08: I recently arranged & mixed my friend Parry Gripp's "Cute Overload" single, which is available on the iTunes Store. Give it a listen, and if you're so inspired, please write a review (you can write a review even if you don't purchase the song).
9/12/08: Slightly old news now, but I did a remix of Glen's song Spirit Of Shackleton that I'm pretty happy with.
7/3/08: A few photos of the Goleta Gap Fire.
6/20/08: More updates to studio equipment.
5/24/08: Updates to studio equipment.
3/11/08: Photos from Nerf Herder at Velvet Jones.
10/18/07: Photos from Glen and friends at PLYRZ studio.
9/10/07: Photos from Al & Tziporah's Wedding.
8/6/07: Photos from Scott Easley's 40th B-day in New Orleans.
2/9/07: Photos of Glen Phillips and Friends at the Lobero.
6/26/06: Updates to equipment info and photos.
4/29/06: Photos of Thomas Dolby at The Independent.
4/8/06: Updates to equipment info and diagrams.
3/11/06: Photos from Japan: Kyoto and Kamakura.
3/9/06: Photos of Rob and Kathleen.
3/5/06: Photos of Paul, Erin, and Araminta.
2/11/06: Photos from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at the Great American Music Hall.
1/28/06: Photos from NAMM 2006.
12/31/05: Updated OASYS patch name files for Mac OS X.
12/24/05: Replaced some corrupted mp3 files (Let It Snow, Dry & Bumpy Ride, House of Rain, Sleighride).
12/19/05: New Xmas song: Jingles Are Jingles.
9/19/05: OSX patch lists and device file for the OASYS.
9/12/05: Photos from my recent meetings in Japan.
8/19/05: First photos from the Dos Pueblos class of '85 20th reunion. Second set now up as well. More coming soon!
7/6/05:Photos from the family visit in June.
4/1/05: New photos of New Orleans cemeteries through a Lensbaby.

12/21/04: Hosting moved to Yahoo; site files now moved into Adobe GoLive (farewell, Claris Home Page; you served me well, far beyond your years). Various internal rearrangements, which you'll only notice if you look at the URLs.

11/20/04: Photos from my cross-country trip with Gernot (finally!).

11/6/04: Updates to Studio diagrams; new Fireworx setup notes for Fireworx midnam file; added LCD backlight info to Wavestation FAQ

7/31/04: Photos from the Mutual Admiration Society concert in San Francisco.

7/5/04: Many updates to the Music Tools section, including OSX patch lists for the Fireworx and DSP7000

6/17/04: Photos from our trip to Toronto, and updates to the Studio section.

4/1/04: New photos from Santa Barbara and Tokyo

9/1/03: Photos from Bill and Denise's wedding.

8/16/03 (and several weeks previous): Concert photos of Santana and Glen Phillips, and photos from Korg's July meetings in Tokyo. Also, Matt Ritvo and Penny the cat added to the Portraits section.

5/30/03: Photos from the reunion in honor of Mr. Larson.

5/09/03: Photos from Dan & Jean's honeymoon, Marc Crandall's birthday party, visiting Korg friends, and a trip to Tokyo in May 2003. Oh, and a complete redesign of the site.

3/15/03: Photos of the inside of my knee, from my recent surgery. Cool!

10/27/02: Photos from Dan & Jean's wedding.

6/14/02: Photos from our trip to Worcester, MA, May 2002.

6/20/01: Photos from Tony Pierce's Birthday Party.

1/3/01: Many photos from Burning Man 2000.

12/27/00: Turner Reunion 2000 website, including revisions from Lolly and Laura (thanks!).

12/22/00: Do You Hear What I Hear.mp3. Just click on the link on the Let It Snow page!

8/15/00: Photo of Jean, and links to two OASYS PCI reviews.

12/1/99: Download Dan & Gernot's techno-industrial version of Sleighride, from the archives.

11/23/99: Photos of Burning Man 1999 and Dan, Finn, and Nina's July 4th Barbecue.

7/31/99: Added OASYS PCI links and references.

5/28/99: Not one, but two new songs - When I Wake Up and Scattering of You. Also, photos of Will and Maria Pirkle (and Miami's South Beach), Mark Urwick, John Morrison, Gernot and Mara, Piano Nymphs, and Contemplative Tony.

3/16/99: Many additions to the Friends page, including pix of Rachel and ancient Rapid Transit concerts.

3/2/99: Lyrics for House of Rain and Dry & Bumpy Ride!

12/98: Download Dan & Gernot's new Christmas song, Let It Snow!

12/98: Check out the brand-new Unofficial Wavestation Information Site!

12/98: Gernot Huber's website is now up! (Note: now it's gone again...)