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Larson Reunion

DP Reunion 2005


Larson Reunion, Stowe Grove, May 2003

For several decades, Ken Larson taught history at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, CA. I was fortunate to be his student there.

More than simply being a great teacher of history, however, he challenged his students to think, goaded us (gently) into debate, and required us to support our arguments. I credit him with teaching me the art and skill of critical thinking - so if you have any complaints about me in that regard, talk to him.

He's left his mark on a great many students, and a few of us from the mid-1980's gathered together at Goleta's Stowe Grove on May 25, 2003, to honor him after his retirement.



I took over 700 photographs over the course of the afternoon; about 100 of them are here, under the three categories below.

These images have been downsized for viewing on the web. If any of my classmates would like full-resolution images for printing, send me email. Please keep in mind that the files are relatively large - around 2-3 MB each.

By the way - I apologize in advance to those whose names I've misspelled, or whose names have changed since high school (due to marriage or otherwise). Just send me email, and I'll make any necessary corrections.

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