Burning Man 1999

The big banner.

The people wash.

House of signs.

Hope, pray, dream...

Desert bubbles.


Bones and rice.

Bones and beans.

Bone sushi.

Blue cow.

Resting in the shade.

Burning Man is something like a cross between an art museum, a desert camping trip, a tribal gathering, and a 200-ring counterculture circus. It's been held in Nevada's Black Rock Desert for about a decade. In 1999, there were 23,000 people there (all participants, no spectators, as the tickets specified), and Deb and I were among them. We camped with Tony, Nana, and Tony's friend David, and spent four days weathering the heat of the desert, drumming, dancing, biking, blowing bubbles, making signs, and seeing many incredible things...

For official info on Burning Man, see the Burning Man website.

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