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Dry & Bumpy Ride

Dry & Bumpy Ride Edit.mp3 1.4MB
Copyright 1998 Dan Phillips, all rights reserved

If you break up with me in a painful enough way, you're sure to get a farewell song out of the deal. Featuring the dulcet (well, deliciously grinding) tones of Adam Silverman on guitar.

This mp3 clip is edited for faster download, and fades out after the first chorus.

Dry & Bumpy Ride - Lyrics

©1998 Dan Phillips

The dumbest things
are apologies.
Like, I just said I'm sorry that you
feel bad about hurting me

Well, did you think
that this would glide
off my back like water from a waterslide?
No, it's a dry and bumpy ride…

Well I should have been...
and I could have done...
and maybe I'd have stopped you,
if I'd really thought that you would run

But I built this house
and slept inside
and now the slab is slipping down the mountainside
and it's a dry and bumpy ride…

You talk about decisions
like you've changed your mind, and you just can't stay for tea
Well, don't forget your keys and coat,
and feel free to take the pieces that you
broke off when you tried to gently separate from me

We're talking still
but the rules have changed
everywhere there're boundaries
every word is strange

We sail through this harbor
once so deep and calm and wide
but now I'm dragged against the rocks, and praying for the tide
'cause it's a dry and bumpy ride…